This project aims to optimize an hybrid prototype gas oven / microwave for porcelain sintering. It is intended to validate industrially and to demonstrate that conventional heating process assisted by microwave may lead to a reduction in energy consumption up to 10% and reduce the sintering cycle up to 15%, compared with the conventional process (heating by combustion of natural gas). This technology is potentially cleaner, quicker, less costly and more efficient than traditional processes in use.


The results obtained in GreenWave project (R&D Project previously completed) are promising, being however necessary to optimize operating parameters and to restructure a microwave module that will be inserted in the new model. This solution will allow to properly cooking the ceramic while maintaining the quality of the pieces obtained within internationally accepted parameters.



Porcelanas da Costa Verde, SA
Universidade de Aveiro

CTCV – Centro tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro




CerWave - Demonstration of porcelain gas-microwave sintering process