R&D is a CTCV lifestyle, a key of its success and a critical factor for the development of a multi-skilled working team. With knowledge management and idea generation as a fundamental basis, CTCV builds up projects from the idea level to business exploration, adding its innovation capabilities, design skills and technical expertise for successful result.


Research and Development in New Materials and Products

  • Development and optimisation of materials, products and manufacturing processes.
  • Development of shaping technologies for ceramic materials, namely injection moulding processes.
  • Innovation in high performance and multifunctional ceramic materials
  • Characterisation of raw materials and end materials.


Nanomaterials, ceramics, metals, cemented carbides, coating, filled polymer and composites


Compounding of filled plastics, injection moulding (filled plastics and ceramic and metal powders), ceramic processing, sintering


Powder Injecção Moulding (PIM):


Testing of New Materials

Chemical, mechanical, microstructural analysis, rheology, test sample production

Hydrofilicity and hydrophobicity surface analysis


Prototype development

Prototype development

Pre-industrial Production

High tech company starting up

CTCV has started up a company based in a technology transfer form lab to market.


Elnik metal retort furnace with atmospheres control (Vac, HVac, H2, Ar, N2) 50L [MIM concept]
Termolab High temperature furnace for ceramics 120L
Coperion Z-Blade Mixer 16L
Bellaform Shear roll feedstock compounder
Arburg PIM 50t machine
Goceram low pressure injection moulding
Hydraulic press
Hydraulic press with heated plates
Heraous catalytic debinding oven 5L
Memmert Oven 300L
Solvent and water debinding baths

Turbula powder mixer
V-Blender powder mixer
High energy planetary mill
Ball mills
Eirich granulator
Plastograh rheometer
High pressure capillary rheometer
Vaccum oven
Surface contact angle meter
FDM Polymer 3D printer
LDM Ceramic 3D printer
Inkjet Powder 3D printer
Reverse engineering coordinate machine


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