The economic and social impact of work accidents and professional diseases is known, originating significant losses for individuals, companies and states. So, the improvement of hygiene and security conditions in workplaces contributes to the socioeconomic development, improving the performance of companies and their employees.


The CTCV provides specialized services that enable his clients to increase practices of security and occupational hygiene, ensuring the compliance with applicable legislation and contributing for better work conditions.


- Occupational safety services
- Intern emergency plans
- Fire Security
- Risk assessments
- Preventive and Protective Plans
- Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001/NP 4397)
- Audits to Occupational Health and safety Management Systems
- Technical Support in Occupational Hygiene and Safety area

Occupational exposure assessment to chemical, physical and biological agents:
- Crystalline silica*, dusts* and asbestos fibers*
- Heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and other chemical agents
- Nanoparticles
- Occupational Noise*
- Mechanical vibrations transmitted to human body (hand-arm system e whole body)*
- Illuminance jobs*
- Optical Radiation*
- Thermal Stress (WBGT)
- Thermal Confort
- Fungi and bacteria
- Asbestos containing materials survey

Development of solutions to risk control

The USST (Health and Safety Unit) participates in R&D projects that have the purpose of developing new solutions for the control of risks to workers, in in laboratory and real conditions.


R&D project monitoring – new processes and new products

The USST has competencies to implement R&D project monitoring in OHS, promoting from the initial project phases the practices that lead to “Safe Innovation”. The participation of OHS specialists during the project enables the final results with OHS conditions appropriate to the process of production and/or to developed product.


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