The Energy System Laboratory (LSE) meets one set of means and competences to realize Thermal Solar Collectors Tests in accordance to the norms:

• EN ISO 9806:2013 – Thermal Solar Collectors
• EN 12975-1:2006 (5.3.4) + A1 2010 – Thermal Solar Systems and components. Solar Collectors


Testing of Photovoltaic Modules by the norms:

• IEC 61646 – Photovoltaic Modules – Thin Film
• IEC 61215 – Photovoltaic Modules – Crystalline Silicon
• IEC 61730 – Photovoltaic Modules Safety


The LSE also performs technical expertise to solar installations and others energy system tests, like boilers and biomass, heat recuperators, heat pumps, heat exchangers, particularly in the context of new legislation about energy classification labeling.


The LSE has a partnership agreement with CERTIF and DIN CERTCO, following witch it was recognized by SOLAR KEYMARK (www.estif.org/solarkeymarknew/contacts/recognised-test-labs).



Thermal Solar Collector Tests

Mechanical load test with positive and negative pressures
External thermal shock test
Internal termal shock test
Exposure and pre-exposure testing
Rain penetration test
Internal pressure test for fluid channels (Fluid channels made in organic materials)
Internal pressure test for fluid channels (Inorganic fluid channels)
Thermal performance test (stationary conditions)
Resistance test at high temperature
Resistance to freezing test
Impact resistance test

Solar simulator
Solar Tracker
Climate cameras
Mechanical load application device
Equipment for internal pressure
I-V Curve Tracer
Temperature sensors
Weather station
Electroluminescence Chamber




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* Entity and technicians recognized by the DGEG under the SGCIE and Cogeneration