Industry 4.0 is a concept that encompasses the main technological innovations in the fields of automation, control and information technology applied to manufacturing processes. From Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet Services, production processes tend to become increasingly efficient, autonomous and customizable.


This means a new period in the context of the great industrial revolutions. With intelligent factories, a number of changes will take place either in the production processes (in the way the products will be manufactured) or by the definitive and unavoidable entry of Information Technologies into the shop floor, with implications at all levels of the Production.


In addition, the human resources will have different competences than the workers used to have. Workers need to deal with machines that are quicker to figure out what should be done than the workers themselves. The fourth industrial revolution will inevitably lead to reduced employment and professional reclassification.


In the context of its Mission to support Industry, in particular as regards this industrial revolution, the priority areas in which the CTCV is committed are advanced materials; multifunctional materials and products; nanomaterials and nanotechnologies; systems and products that induce the reduction of energy content, ecological footprint and increased comfort in Habitat; technological innovation in industrial processes (digitalization and industry 4.0); demonstration of technological development in processes of advanced conformation of components (metallic and ceramics) and additive manufacturing in ceramics (modeling, manufacturing) - Powder Injection Molding (PIM) and additive manufacturing in ceramics (3D printing, modeling, manufacturing).





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