This project proposes an alternative process to the re-firing step for repairing glazed ceramics defects, using the localized CO2 laser melting of appropriate mixture adds, assisted by other diffused heat sources (ex. IR lamps). This methodology allows controlling the temperature, cooling speed and temperature gradients, consequently avoiding excessive thermal stresses that have been hindering the laser based solution. The project will be concluded with the evaluation of an eco-efficient, user friendly prototype to repair glazed ceramics in industrial environment, which will be properly parameterized. Finally, the industrial validation of the solution will be conducted.



Sanindusa, Indústria de Sanitários S.A.
Maio, Carmo & Martins Lda
CTCV - Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro

Universidade de Aveiro




GLASERFIX - Local repairing of glazed ceramics defects on sanitary porcelain products