The CTCV trainers pool is composed by internal and external trainers with specialization in the various areas and pedagogical experience in conception and development of training paths.

Trainers are carefully selected. A fundamental criterion is that they practice what they teach and teach what they practice, adding value to the knowledge they transmit.

You can apply for the CTCV trainer’s pool if you have the literary and professional qualifications required for each available intervention area. You should also hold Trainers Certificate of Pedagogical Competencies, or equivalent, and relevant professional experience in the areas to which you are applying.

Your candidature will remain on the Trainers Pool for as long as you whish.

The candidatures are analyzed according to the CTCV needs, so it is not guaranteed an immediate answer to your candidature.

If the need arises for a trainer with Your profile, you will be contacted for an individual interview so that we can assess the availability and suitability of the training need.