CTCV Intrapreneurship Training Solutions are a fundamental tool for aligning the objectives of a company or organization, individual and team performance.

The process begins with the identification of formative needs, which could be determined by the company or with the support of the external entity. Could be identified needs on the basis of an immediate problem or identified in order to develop skills in the future (medium or long term).


This actions are drawn (program and methodology) in the sense of maximizing the employees performance and the return on the company investment.


Access to Measure Check-Training

The professional training courses, as long as they have the purpose of developing skills and increasing people professional qualifications, can be submitted to the measurement check-training, created by administrative rule nº 229/2015, of 3 of august, that is a direct financing measure of training, constituting as a enhancer instrument for the creation and maintenance of employment and the reinforcement of qualification and employability.

In the case of companies, this measure seeks to the improvement of productivity and companies’ competitiveness, through reinforcement of professional qualification of its employees.

Each company can benefit from this measure by a period of 2 years, having like a reference the date of the deferred candidature.
This measure supports the training until 50 hours of training/ people during this period.

Financing up to 90% of the total amount paid to formative entity.

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