Support to Trainer Entities in the process of obtaining and maintenance of DGERT Certification or NP 4512:2012 - Vocational Training Management System, including learning enriched by technology”.

O apoio do CTCV centra-se nas seguintes atividades:
- Initial diagnosis to the situation of the trainer entity in accordance with the required requirements;
- Structure Suitability /Company organization (physical and human);
- Identification of the training areas;
- Design and implementation of the processes;
- Elaboration of procedures and records;
- Definition of Quality Manual;
- Integration of Training Management System with others existing Systems in the Company;
- Definition of Methodologies for monitoring and evaluation of training;
- Preparation of the company to the audit;
- Elaboration and candidature submission to Certification;
- Response to any requests for clarification and follow-up until the Training Management System Certification is obtained.